Libraries, Archives, and ISBN

My local library – Louise Riley

This past week I’ve been busy adding On Swift Wings to libraries and archives. I discovered that the Calgary Public Library had accepted my request and picked up two copies of the book. Even cooler than that, both copies had been checked out and a hold was waiting on one of them!

I was already in touch with the Calgary Public Library to donate a few more copies to their collection. They requested an additional three copies which I sent off yesterday. I’m very excited to have more people read the book. (It isn’t about the money, it is about the story and ideas. I really hope people get something out of the book.

Library and Archives Canada

At the same time, I’ve been in touch with Library and Archives Canada about including my book available to the fourth largest library in the world tasked with keeping a record of Canadian history. They too have been extremely friendly and helpful, and I’ve donated a hardcover and paperback version to them as well.

I could really use a little help from my readers on this subject. I had the book added to my own public library, but for those of you outside of Calgary, would you be willing to check your own library to see if they have any copies, and assuming they don’t, could you put in a request to add the book to their collection? Libraries are able to order the book at a 55% discount to the retail rate from IngramSpark.

Proudly Canadian

One great thing about being Canadian (and there are many) is that registering for an ISBN ( International Standard Book Number) – think serial number for books, required to sell in bookstores or online, is free. As long as you’re a Canadian citizen, getting an ISBN is totally free. If you’re an American, you have to pay Bowker $125/ISBN for the same service.

A unique ISBN is required for each book format, Hardcover, Paperback, and eBook. That means that my book would have cost an extra $300US if I wasn’t Canadian. Sweet deal. Pretty happy to donate a couple copies of my book to LAC instead.

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