On Swift Wings

Can a young man navigate strange and treacherous seas and shores to survive after a plane crash in the ocean?

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Reader Views – Double Literary Award Winner – 2020 – Humor/Satire, Canada West

Cygnus is an ordinary young man thrust into a series of unlikely and incredible adventures brought about when he becomes a rare survivor of an oceanic air disaster.

He washes ashore on the beach of an island occupied by disdained feral humans ruled by civilized, sentient horses.

In a quest to survive, he encounters fantastic creatures and learns of their ways. His odyssey takes him to places inhabited by giants and tiny diminutive humans, decrepifying immortals, anti-intellectuals, and magic-wielding necromancers.

On Swift Wings is a deep, brilliantly written fantasy/adventure novel that encourages readers to examine their world through the satirical lens of several stunningly painted unique and isolated islands filled sly humour.

If you love classic satire and fantasy, read Brett Wiens’ modern masterpiece, On Swift Wings.

Reader ViewsReaders’ FavoriteReader Views
2020 – 2x Literary Award WinnerFive Star ReviewFive Star ReviewFive Star ReviewFive Star ReviewFive Star ReviewFive Star Review
“A great selection for readers’ groups and even required reading for a class.”“This is a must-read for anyone looking for a good adventure.”A spellbinding and delightful read“Sure to be a hit with literary fiction fans of all ages.”“A very good book by a talented and intelligent author.”A satirical work that delivers a fascinating tale.”“A stunning satirical debut novel by Brett M. Wiens.
Winner: Best Novel – Canada West Region
2nd Place – Humor/Satire

The author does a fantastic job of using descriptive detail to bring the characters and places to life.
Readers will feel like they are waking from a dream with a “Wow” after reading this book. It is well-plotted and the characters intelligently developedBrett Wiens is a master storyteller and this novel, the work of a rich imagination, is littered with humor.For those who really enjoy sardonic humor, fantastic satire and a little dose of farce, there’s much to enjoy in chapter after chapter of this odyssey of poignant images and conversations.On Swift Wings by Brett Wiens is a great adventure story but the author has cleverly included many thought-provoking subjects throughout.Wiens explores each society in a rich depth that provides reflections of our own society blended with various insights and wonderings.Readers will see that this is a multilayered tale. They can just sit back and enjoy this adventurous journey, or they can delve deeper and observe the issues presented that relate to politics, economics, sociology and philosophy.
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