I Knew/Know Nothing

I’m continuously surprised at how little I know about things. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been dabbling with advertising again on Amazon and Facebook. I toyed with this a little bit a few months ago to little success and had kind of given up on the idea. I saw an ad for a free Amazon Ad School by Bryan Cohen and figured I’d see if there was anything to it that I hadn’t already figured out.

Yes, there was. A lot.

Despite not really having enough time to fully throw myself into it, I learned a ton about harvesting keywords, tools to help with that, how to write better ad copy, the structure of Amazon advertisements, etc.

See if you can see the point where I started advertising on this curve!

I went from nobody looking at the book to nearly half a million impressions and hundreds of clicks basically overnight.

Make a lot of advertisements and people will see them.

I got connected to a bunch of great Facebook groups through that little free course, and one of them pointed me towards Reedsy who are putting on their own little free Facebook ads course. I’ve done a little Facebook advertising too, but it hadn’t led anywhere either.

What did I have to lose? Maybe I could apply some of Bryan’s advice to Facebook too, so I am taking that course too. One of the best things that course is teaching me is to do split test advertising, where you post several different ads and see which ad copy or picture, or demographics work best. Facebook charges a small amount for every impression, while Amazon charges for clicks.

Maximize clicks while minimizing reach.

Holy moly! Coincidentally, this L33T click count comes on only 28,072 impressions. Hopefully that will result in a few more eyes on the book, and a material increase in readers. I’d love to know, since all of these links are coming to this webpage, whether people are actually buying the book, or if people have suggestions about what I can do to improve any further.

For those of you who have watched the ad in either place and are interested, drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you! I’m learning a lot, and compared to where I started last year, “I will release this book, hope that people tell other people and it might catch on like wildfire…” I’m much better informed. Really cool.

Expect to see a few more updates to this site. I think I might release the first few chapters of the book online in the coming days as a bit of a sample for interested readers.

Right now, my world is really growing, may yours grow too!


(Seriously though, let me know what you’re thinking!)

Also, reviews are still in great demand. Thank you to Michael and Snowflake for their recent posts on Amazon!

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