Troll’d – I need your help!

Please help!

If you’ve read On Swift Wings, or are in the process of reading it, please help me by leaving a positive review on,, and My rating got hit (hard) by a troll this weekend, and it has decimated my ability to promote my book. Read on for more details. I can’t tell you what to give or say, but a subtle suggestion…

A more pleasant sight…

The Attack

4 Tips for Chatting with an Internet Troll
On Swift Wings got trolled.

I started a free online program to better educate me on Amazon ads offered by Bryan Cohen, the “5-Day Amazon Ad Profit Challenge.” As I was setting up the first ad for the challenge, I noticed that my average review score on had taken a precipitous drop on the weekend. Where I was averaging 4.33 stars (on a paltry 3 reviews), On Swift Wings had suddenly dropped to 3 stars on average. Unfortunately, I thought, somebody really hated my book. That would be ok, I certainly understand that as a subjective medium, my book is hardly going to be loved by everybody, but it is the first truly negative review to-date. I’ve had a couple people say that they had a hard time reading it for the level of difficulty, or that they just weren’t in the right frame of mind to enjoy it, but a 1-star review is a first.

I may be a little obsessive, but I read every review carefully and this one wasn’t particularly helpful. The review is below.

Not exactly a glowing positive review…

I looked into the reviewer to see if she was typically positive or negative and found that she reviewed four books on April 9 (her only reviews), and all of them received one star.

It doesn’t appear that this is a legitimate review, in fact, none of her reviews seem particularly credible. They are not verified purchases, there is no content to the reviews, and she re-uses the same or similar title and text. I don’t know why she targeted my book and these others, I’m not aware of any enemies that would do such a thing.

Sadly, this one negative review has a pretty catastrophic impact on my book. The first thing people look at when evaluating a book from an unknown author is the average star rating.

Here are her other reviews:

Book TitleStarsReview TitleReview Text
On Swift Wings1/5HorribleNeeds Too much improvement
Shadows Over Greystoke Grange1/5Not Worth ReadingWaste of time
Taking Back Tomorrow1/5HorribleNeeds Too much improvement
Silent Betrayal1/5Not Worth ReadindBad writing
A history of helpful reviews.

Please help me counterbalance this negative review with some positive ones!

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a preview look here:

Click Here for Preview

You can buy a copy here, and determine whether this troll is wrong or even more wrong.

Thank you! May your world always grow!


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