Romuald Dzemo – Readers’ Favorite

On Swift Wings: The Travails of Cygnus by Brett Wiens is a meld of adventure, fantasy, and humor, a novel filled with humor and fun moments. The protagonist is Cygnus, a young man who survives a plane crash in the ocean, and unwittingly finds himself stranded on an island inhabited by a race of horses that holds humans captives, and the humans do not look normal. It’s just the beginning of an adventure that leads to an encounter with unusual situations and peoples – immortals of Loogenage, sorcerers, magicians, giants, and miniature creatures. He goes through heart-wrenching experiences and encounters with strange races. The conclusion to his adventures is as exciting as it is revealing of the mysteries of life. Rollicking and fun!

On Swift Wings: The Travails of Cygnus is a deftly written story that is most appealing to fans of the classic Gulliver’s Travels and it is designed to offer pure entertainment. The imaginative character of this novel is noticeable from the way the setting is described and how the author brings to life geography that is fictional and races that are imaginary. However, the sense of realism and humanity is apparent, perhaps because the protagonist is a character like any of us. And I like how the author creates rules in this world. I am writing this review after a good sleep that followed my reading of this book and the world this author created inhabited my dreams. Readers will feel like they are waking from a dream with a “Wow” after reading this book. It is well-plotted and the characters intelligently developed. Brett Wiens has a strong imagination but apart from that, the author is a great storyteller. This is a must-read for anyone looking for a good adventure.