Nicky Flowers – Indies Today

With an interest in Geography, young Cygnus gets a sensible job working for an airline, hoping to see the world. Unexpectedly, he finds himself alone, tethered to buoyant airplane seats floating somewhere in the Pacific Ocean after his plane crashes. Salvation comes in a most unexpected form—a group of primitive humans who have little to no communication skills. Cygnus is next introduced to sentient horses with an eloquent manner of governance. From there, he is truly rescued, only to be marooned in another fantastical location. Drawing on his wit and his ready ability with language, he navigates complex relationships with immortals, sorcerers, and a land of giants. Through all his adventures, Cygnus can’t help but be shaped by the views and practices of the myriad of races he interacts with.

On Swift Wings: The Travails of Cygnus is a fabulous retelling of Gulliver’s Travels that is embellished with the trappings of 21st century living. The account is narrated by the initially guileless Cygnus in a detached and comically analytic manner. The writing style with its formal language brilliantly recalls a more refined time in human history. The humor is subtle and pervasive, making the book enjoyable for adults and children of any age. A fitting compliment to Jonathan Swift, On Swift Wings is a wonderful adventure laden with deep meaning and complex characters, a worthy tribute to a classic book some 300 years in the making.