Lesley Jones – Readers’ Favorite

In On Swift Wings by Brett Wiens, the day started like any other when Cygnus steps on board a flight from Toronto to Sydney. When the plane is hit by a storm, Cygnus finds himself stranded in the South Pacific. He is eventually rescued and finds himself on a strange island where horses are the masters of savage humans. After many years on the island, Cygnus manages to escape, only to find himself in other bizarre lands where he learns of their strange undeveloped customs and laws. He must face whatever hazards lie in wait for him and try to find his way home. Cygnus battles all manner of dangers and obstacles along the way. He meets the most extraordinary characters who possess strange beliefs and very distorted views of the world.

On Swift Wings by Brett Wiens is a great adventure story but the author has cleverly included many thought-provoking subjects throughout. Cygnus is a great protagonist and in every situation tries to adapt to the customs of the land whilst trying to teach the inhabitants ways they could improve. His characters have been created with great detail, especially the feral humans on the first island which made them so realistic. The author has a great talent in bringing the places and characters to life and I was swept away in the adventures of Cygnus; his conversation with Hitler was especially chilling. Many subjects covered would make for a great discussion, such as the belief in religion and the treatment of nature and animals by humans. I also thought the concept that humans can be badgered into believing they are prisoners when they are not was very interesting. Do we as a society regard certain groups of people as burdens too? You can either simply read this amazing adventure story, or you can choose to delve a little deeper and pay attention to the subject matter. A very good book by a talented and intelligent author.