On Swift Wings

On Swift Wings – The Travails of Cygnus

July 1, 2019

On Swift Wings

Despite our vast knowledge of the world, still no atlas or globe is complete. Not every island has been mapped. A young man takes to the skies on Flight 1726 on a day unlike every other, little anticipating the experiences that for him lay in wait.

After surviving a plane crash in the ocean, Cygnus is marooned on an unknown island populated by a contemptuous race of horses that enslaves a tribe of feral humans. Then a draconian decision leads to subsequent encounters with the immortals of Loogenage, the magicians of Glubdubdrib, the anti-intellectuals of Balnibarbi, the giants of Brobadingog, and the tiny emulous nations of Blafusecho, Sinrovia, and Lilliput. His diverse experiences gift him with enlightenment and culminate in a heart-wrenching conclusion.

Based on the world of Gulliver’s Travels created by Jonathan Swift three hundred years ago, On Swift Wings is a modern satire that lampoons contemporary life and dogma in the same sardonic style as the original Swift masterpiece. Swathed in stunningly painted worlds, it is a study of current society that contains within it both the truth and the hope we so desperately need.